Hidden Locations Around Yellowknife

Be inspired by 3 scenic hidden treasures in Yellowknife

Elizabeth Ewen

Elizabeth Ewen

If you are looking for scenic locations hidden around Yellowknife, then this blog post is for you.

There are plenty of hidden treasures around Yellowknife that are just off the beaten path. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, photographer, or simply looking for a quiet spot, you will be sure to find a location to enjoy.

Getting to these recommended scenic locations are not too difficult as all the places are pretty much within walking distance from the downtown core. There are many great places to stay during your trip to Yellowknife, such as the Quality Inn & Suites. Besides having pleasant and friendly employees, the hotel is centrally located in the heart of the downtown core! You can easily walk to many of the recommended “hidden treasures” except for #3. However, location #3 is only a short drive away.

Each scenic location has its own unique features to enjoy. Choose one or all of them depending on the length of your stay in the Capital.

#1 Somba K’e Park

Scenic locations are scattered around Yellowknife, some near and far. But this first spot convenient as it is within walking distance from the downtown core. Somba K’e Park has its peaceful moments, but it is also lively as many events are held at this location. Throughout the summer, locals and tourists can enjoy Yellowknife Farmers Market

Local artisans sell a variety of items at the Farmers Market. However, not every year is the same as new vendors are joining the market yearly. So, while planning your vacation, be sure to check out if there will be special events during your stay. But, if you are not in town during an event, do not worry, there are still many other things to do!

Right next to Somba K’e Park, a new playground is currently being built, which is perfect if you have young kids. If you walk around the park and go near the City Hall entrance which is parallel to the road, you will find a giant Muskox art structure. Elon Muskox is a hidden treasure itself and is a must-see attraction during your stay in Yellowknife. The City of Yellowknife decorates this impressive artwork with lovely flowers during the summer season.

Elon Muskox covered in flowers at Somba K'e Park Scenic Locations
United in Celebration Statue Scenic Locations

If you are in Yellowknife the days shortly after Halloween, the City of Yellowknife hosts pumpkin lane. Every year, residents place their pumpkins along the Frame Lake Trail. This past year Pumpkin Lane was held at Somba K’e Park. However, in other years this display of pumpkins has been further along the Frame Lake Trail.

Scenic Locations along the frame lake trail near Somba K'e Park during pumpkin lane event

During the winter months, people gather with their warm beverages at the park. Early during the winter season, many come to admire the Winter Lights display. The park is magically lit with colourful lights displayed over trees, the log cabin, and even Elon Muskox is covered with Christmas Lights!

It is never too early to think about Christmas. So, if you have an urge to fantasize about a magically lit winter wonderland, check out our Winter Lights Festival virtual tour!

The Winter Lights Festival virtual tour allows you to explore Yellowknife’s downtown area, which leads to the winter lights displayed at the park. 

Learn more about this Winter Lights Festival virtual tour, and start explore this hidden treasure today by clicking here!

So, whenever you find yourself in Yellowknife, you are sure to find events and activities at Somba K’e Park. As always, plan ahead to ensure you will be around when these engagements are happening in the Capital.

Furthermore, Somba K’e Park is a place where artists gain inspiration. Whether you are a photographer, drawer, or enthusiast painter, you can find inspiration in many areas within the park.

Yuwha Wu is a Taiwanese Artist who lived in Yellowknife for over a year. She gained a creative outlet during her time spent in the North. The structures within the park and the stunning surroundings gave light to her artwork. Over the year, her art grew and developed into intrinsically moving pieces of paintings.

Are you interested in ordering a customizable painting? Click here to purchase her northern-inspired paintings.

This particular painting is named “Celebrate”. Yuwha’s painting of Somba K’e Park represents rejoicing and welcoming the sun that never sets during the long summer days.

Welcome this lovely painting into your home by clicking here to purchase a customizable painting of your own. 

Explore more of Yuwha Wu’s art in her recently released 360 Virtual Art Gallery Tour!

#2 Teepee Structure Near Legislative of Assembly

Hidden Treasure in Yellowknife, one of many scenic locations with in the City

Are you looking for a more intimate spot that is tucked away in the forest? There are many scenic locations among the boreal forrest, but this scenic location is not far from Somba K’e Park. You only have to slightly veer off the Frame Lake Walking Trail to find this hidden spot.

To locate this hidden treasure from Somba K’e Park, you will need to stroll towards the flag walkway. Taking this route will lead you to the local museum, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

Once arriving at the museum, you will continue along the path towards the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories. However, if you walk past the Legislative Assembly, you have gone too far.

Before the Legislative Assembly, there will be a brick path veering off to the left. This hidden treasure is not too difficult to locate because the wooden teepee structure that is painted in the image above can be spotted from the Frame Lake Trail as you are upon approaching it.

Once you have arrived at this serene location, you can relax peacefully with Frame Lake in view. Whether you plan on spending an hour or ten minutes at this location, the surroundings will truly bring a sense of tranquillity to your day.

Bonus hidden treasure – bench to the left

Do not leave this area just yet since there is another hidden treasure nearby. From the teepee structure, there is another seating area off to the left on the rocks. You will find a bench facing Frame Lake, surrounded by the boreal forest.

#3 Fred Henne Territorial Park Day Use Area

Over looking Long Lake during the summer months, nearing the end of the midnight sun season.

Sometimes going out of your way is worth the effort. There are many scenic locations you can find is you have access to a vehicle. However, the third hidden spot that we are highlighting in our series of A Yellowknife Story, is along the shore of Long Lake. A vehicle is necessary, but it’s not a far drive from any of the hotels.

Fred Henne Territorial Park’s day-use area is a beautiful spot both in the summer and the winter months.  Besides the view, there are many amenities for you to enjoy!

As such, there are plenty of picnic tables with fire pits, a mini grass field, and a playground at Long Lake Beach.

However, this spot is NOT within walking distance from any of the accommodations in Yellowknife. A vehicle is necessary to visit Fred Henne Territorial Park because the parking lot for Long Lake is off of Highway 3, which is near the Yellowknife Airport.


In this blog post, we’ve only highlighted three scenic locations within Yellowknife, but there is so much more to discover. Within the city alone, there are many more scenic locations to explore that are within walking distance from most accommodations.

So, if you are interested in us creating an additional blog post with more scenic locations around Yellowknife, let us know in the comments!

Now that you have read and viewed some images and videos of these three scenic locations that we have highlighted, which spot are you going to go to?

Are you still looking for more content about Yellowknife? Check out our bilingual virtual interactive tours of Yellowknife. The majority of our virtual tours are in Mandarin and English.

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