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5 Different Types of Virtual Tours Explained

Elizabeth Ewen

Elizabeth Ewen

Many businesses had to shift their working operations to an online setting because of the covid-19 pandemic. Virtual tours have been helpful because you can view a place without having to physically be present. Industries that have transitioned to virtual tours during the pandemic have primarily been professionals in real estate and the tourism industry. 

Traditionally, both industries required having people be physically present. During these difficult times, choosing to showcase different areas through virtual tours is a beautiful way to see a place while also keeping yourself safe.

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been researching this concept of virtual tours. As a result, I have found that virtual tours is broad term used by content creators as I cam across multiple versions virtual tours. Today I hope to make the concept of virtual tour clear considering there have been many interpretations of what this type of media contains.

Below are five unique ways of hosting a virtual tour, ranging from the most straightforward to the most diverse version I have come across while searching the internet.


1. Slideshow

In its most simplified form, virtual tours can consist of slideshow presentations with features pictures to showcase the tour. In addition to having visuals, information is often provided through written text and will sometimes include audio explanations. 

2. Video

Some advertise virtual tours through a video. They can included 360 degrees videos, but often video virtual tours have standard videos showing a destination. Moreover, these tours will generally consist of a combination of pictures and videos of an area with music in the background. This type of virtual tour can typically be found on Youtube.

3. Live Guided Tour

The most common way to take part in live guided virtual tours is to join via zoom. Your guide will greet you in real-time, therefore, each virtual tour is slightly different. The most common method of delivery is for tour guides to explain the area using a slideshow presentation that includes photos, videos, and/or quizzes throughout the tour. 

4. 360-degree Virtual Tour

360-degree virtual tours allow you to view an entire area, usually on your phone or computer. There is typically some icon to prompt you to the following location during the tour to advance to the next place. Many people relate this type of tour to google streets as it operates similarly.

Virtual tours vary as some have a virtual audio guide and possibly contain photos and written material. In contrast, others simply show you a 360-degree image of the location with no explanations or prompts.


5. Virtual Interactive Travel

Lastly, virtual interactive travel is truly a unique way to embrace this concept of a virtual tour. It combines 360-degree photos, 360-degree videos, photos, and audio to make you feel immersed in the experience.

Imagine being virtually immersed in your surroundings by hearing ambient music and exploring a location while watching snowflakes dance to the ground. 

You want to get to know the area better, so you listen to an audio guide while exploring each location on tour. Looking at images of the place you wish to visit enhances what you’re longing to see. 

So, get cozy on your couch, relax with a warm cup of tea, and wander virtually around a place you’ve never visited before. As you’re scanning  360-degree images, you will be enriching your knowledge of a new area as you listen to the audio tour guide give suggestions about places to visit.

You can experience this immersive and interactive tour on Raven Tours recently released Winter Festival Lights Tour. 

A virtual tour will not replace physical tours. But still, consider a virtual tour because you will gain more knowledge about a new destination. Start dreaming about your next getaway vacation today. 

Why you should consider a virtual tour

Top three reasons why you should take a virtual tour


  1. Travel is currently limited to reduce the spread of COVID19. You probably have that urge to travel and see a new place; virtual tours allow you to wander around the world safe from your home.

2. Travel can be expensive. With a virtual tour, you can learn about a new culture and learn about a new area at a reasonably low cost.

3. Prepare for your next trip. Part of the excitement of going to a new place is stumbling upon an experience you would’ve never had the chance to take part in if you plan your entire trip. That being said, you may still want to make an itinerary of all the touristy areas of the place you plan on visiting beforehand. By taking a virtual tour, you can explore the location early to jot down places you definitely don’t want to miss.

Winter Lights Virtual Tour

Take part in a virtual tour today - let yourself explore before the memories begin.

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Winter Lights at Somba K'e Park Scenic Locations

5 Different Types of Virtual Tours Explained

Many businesses had to shift their working operations to an online setting because of the covid-19 pandemic. Virtual tours have been helpful because you can

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