Aurora, 耶洛奈夫. Yellowknife, 黄刀极光 , 加拿大, 黄刀镇, 西北地区, 北极圈 , 大奴湖



Yellowknife, 耶洛奈夫, 大奴湖, Great Slave Lake, 北极圈, Arctic Circle, 加拿大, Canada, 西北地, (Northwest, 黄刀极光, 黄刀镇
Aurora picture by Michael Ewen

An important part of any vacation is the beautiful photographs you bring home to share with family and friends.   Photographing the Aurora can present many challenges associated with nighttime photography.  At Raven Tours we want to ensure you are well informed in order to allow you the best opportunity possible to return home with beautiful photos to share with family and friends, as you reflect on your memorable time with us in Yellowknife.  

How To Capture the Aurora On Camera

  • Use a tripod as the camera must be stable.
  • A remote control shutter or built in delay for shooting is necessary to increase camera stability during operation.
  • Shoot at a slow shutter speed to a maximum of 20 seconds.  Over 25 seconds will result in the aurora movement blending and star streaks.
  • Best results are with a wide angle lens since the Aurora will often cover the entire sky.
  • Need a large aperture above f2.8 to allow your camera to collect as much light as possible.
  • ISO between 400 and 800 often works well to start with.  As you increase the ISO setting you can speed up the exposure time.
  • White balance when shooting the Aurora is best set in the range of 3000-4000k.
  • Keep an extra battery inside your jacket near to your body to keep warm.  

For more Aurora Photos

View spectacular aurora photos taken by photographer Michael Ewen

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