Yellowknife’s Summer Activities
Yellowknife's summer sunset

Yellowknife’s Summer Activities

As summer is approaching, we are all planning out our summer vacations.  For this summer, are you planning a trip full of adventure?  Or are you looking for more of a leisure and culturally engaging experience?  Planning a vacation is so much fun, but it can be stressful not knowing where to go.  Image being minutes away from hundreds of lakes where you can go kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding.  If you are a nature enthusiast, and want to spend your summer outdoors, Yellowknife is the place to be this summer.  The city has warm temperatures so you can enjoy your visit comfortably.

April is approaching, so Yellowknife’s winter season is coming to an end.  Many people visit during the winter time to see the northern lights, but as the days get longer we approach the land of the midnight sun.  Yellowknife is located far enough north that the sun never really sets during the summer season.  In the evening, the night sky becomes dusky around 2-3am, and then the sun starts to rise again. 

Land of the Midnight Sun

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, Midnight Sun, Summer, Summer Season, Yellowknife's Summer
Photographed by Michael Ewen

Yellowknife’s midnight sun is one reason alone to visit Yellowknife during the summer season.  With the constant sunlight you won’t even notice that the time has flew by, and you are late into the evening.  Besides the midnight sun, Yellowknife has so much to offer during the summer.  No matter what type of traveller you are, Yellowknife is bound to have something for you.

Outdoor Activities

Cameron River Hike

We are surrounded by many lakes that are just minutes away driving distance.  There are also many lakes within walking distance surrounding the city as well.  If you enjoy the outdoors, Yellowknife is the place for you as there are many activities that will keep you busy during your visit to Yellowknife.  Some activities includes discovering new hiking trails in the city, and the surrounding areas such as Cameron Falls hiking trail. 

Farmer's Market, Yellowknife, Canada, Northwest Territories, fresh, food, fresh food
Photo by Brad Stallcup on Unsplash

If you want a more laid-back experience you can visit Yellowknife’s weekly farmers market.  There are many different types of foods made by locals many.  There are homegrown vegetables, and pastries to choose from which are absolutely delicious. 


If you plan accordingly, visit Yellowknife while there is a summer festival going on.  Throughout the summer Yellowknife has music festivals such as Folk on the Rocks, or street festivals such as Yellowknife's Old Town Ramble and Ride event. 

Local Restaurants

Looking to engage with the locals?  Yellowknife has many local restaurants like the Twine Pine Dinner which serves incredibly tasting food.  

These are just a few activities that you can do while visiting Yellowknife.  There are many attractions that Yellowknife has to offer during the summer season.  Being a small town, it has so much to offer.  There are so many outdoor activities to do, and many festivals to attend throughout the summer season. 

Yellowknife is a place you want to visit because this is just a small sample of what Yellowknife has to offer during the summer season.  There are many opportunities to engaged with the locals and try new things. 

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