Why Choose Raven Tours + Video πŸŽ₯
Northern lights

Why Choose Raven Tours + Video πŸŽ₯

Join Raven Tours for an adventure of a lifetime.Β  You will have the opportunity to see some of the best Aurora displays available on the planet from our beautiful and comfortable location.Β  With no crowds and and our dark skies, you will have an incredible opportunity to photograph the beautiful emerald Aurora as it dances overhead in the darkness of our midnight sky.Β  During Aurora Viewing we offer live traditional Canadian fiddle music and warm healthy food.Β  With Raven Tours you will have an opportunity to feed wild birds from your hand, snowmobile on gentle winter trails, snowshoe through a winter wonderland and catch and eat fresh fish from the lake.Β  At Raven Tours you will experience β€œThe Aurora and So Much More!”

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