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How to View the Northern Lights in Comfort

Elizabeth Ewen

Elizabeth Ewen

Having a chance to watch the northern lights dance above you is truly a magical experience.  Some nights are a bit chilly,  but no worries, down below I have listed 3 different ways you can view the magnificent northern lights, while staying nice and warm. 

Tipi Aurora Viewing​

aurora, tipi, Northern lights, Yellowknife, Canada, tipi aurora viewing
Photo taken by Raven Tours photographer Wei

Aurora Viewing from a tipi is a very popular experience that guests want to have.  Watching the northern lights from a tipi brings alive some authenticity to the northern culture.  Having the tipi while Aurora Viewing lets you enjoy your night in comfort.  There is a fire inside to keep you warm, and the tipi will protect you from the wind.   Join our Aurora tour to watch the northern lights warm and comfortably, while gaining a northern experience.

Tent Aurora Viewing

Aurora, Northern Lights, Yellowknife, Canada, tent aurora viewing
Photo taken by Raven Tours photographer Michael Ewen

At Raven Tours we offer multiple ways to enjoy Aurora Viewing, and one of them is Tent Aurora Viewing.  In the middle of the winter we setup our McPherson wall tent on the lake for guests to enjoy.  So when you want to relax, you can go into the framed wall tent enjoying a warm fire, while sipping on hot chocolate.  This an amazing way to watch the northern lights because you can see them best out on the lake as you have a 360-degree point of view.  

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  1. Neville Nicholls

    Tipi, tent, that’s two?

    1. raventours

      Hi Neville, aurora viewing with a tipi or tent are two options that guests enjoy during the winter months! During the fall season many people enjoy watching the aurora by the lake because the colours reflect off the water.

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