Aurora Viewing on a Cloudy Night

When the weather is calling for a cloudy night, this might discourage you from going aurora viewing. The weather is very unpredictable so don’t let the weather forecast discourage you from aurora viewing.

How a cloudy night can turn into an amazing aurora experience

If the night is looking like a it will be cloudy, don’t let this stop you on seeking out the aurora that evening. The wind can change at any time by pushing the clouds and letting the aurora can peak through the sky. Like in these photos, it was originally a cloudy night, but the direction of wind changed clearing the sky. This is also an amazing opportunity for photographers, because as a photographer you can photograph this unique look of the clouds setting in between the aurora.

So even in cloudy weather, there is still a chance to see the most wonderful northern lights. Like this picture, a shining cloud is sandwiched between the aurora. It’s a rare spectacle that only happens on a cloudy night. This photo was taken with a Canon T6I Rebel camera and was exposed for 30 seconds with ISO 800 parameters. Don’t miss out on a lifetime of wonderful auroras because of cloudy weather. 

To learn how to take pictures of aurora the visit our blog on how to take pictures of the aurora. Or visit Aurora Hunter Todd Salat on his tips on how to take that perfect aurora photo.

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