4 Activities You Can Do In Yellowknife + Video!

4 Activities You Can Do In Yellowknife + Video!

加拿大美丽的西北省不光是极光的故乡还有许多美好的事物。您将有机会见证最壮阔的风景并体验到超乎想象的独特活动. 渡鸦旅游致力于为广大游客创造独一无二的旅游文化体验,这次体验将成为您终生难忘的旅行回忆。

Canada's beautiful Northwest Province is not only home to the aurora, but also many beautiful outdoor activities. You will have the opportunity to witness the most magnificent scenery and experience unique activities beyond your wildest imagination. Raven Tours is committed to creating a unique cultural experience for the vast number of visitors. This experience will be an unforgettable travel memories throughout your life.

#1 Aurora Viewing

Aurora, Northern Lights, Yellowknife, Canada

Watching the aurora is a memorable experience. Aurora Viewing is one of the main reason why people travel to Yellowknife.

#2 Snow Shoeing

Yellowknife, Snowshoeing, NWT, Canada, Winter, Great Slave Lake, Outdoor Activities.
Snowshoeing in Yellowknife

Snow shoeing is a beautiful way to connect to Yellowknife and enjoy nature.

#3 Ice Caves

Yellowknife's Ice Caves

Enjoy a nature walk to Yellowknife Ice Caves. This is a leisure walk, but sometimes we snowshoe to the caves.

#4 Snowmobiling

Aurora, Northern Lights, Yellowknife, Canada
Snowmobiling under the Aurora

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